Poetry Slam de Lux is set to return to Wiltz and Luxembourg later this month, on 23 and 24 November 2018.

The 9th edition of Poetry Slam de Lux will welcome several local slammers and others arriving in Luxembourg preceded by their respective national reputations. France's Chadeline won the individual category of the National Grand Slam in  2017 after having won three times in a team. Likewise, Christian Ritter has won the German Frankenslam Championship twice, whilst Agnes Maier won the regional Austrian championship in 2017 and Giovanni Centola the Belgian national title in 2016.

The Luxembourgish slammers will be supported by the Géisskan Kollektiv, an association that supports and promotes young Luxembourgish artists, poets and lyricists and their artistic production. For the Lux'9 Poetry Slam, the organisation will coach and support the Luxembourgish slammers to help them reach the national competition in the second half of the evening.

Once on stage, however, competitors will only be able to rely on their chiseled texts, sharp words and verbal pirouettes to convince a ruthless public to let them reach the second stage of the competition, where they will go on to face international crowds.

The slam, organised by the Institut Pierre Werner in collaboration with Rotondes, Coopérations Wiltz and Géisskan Kollektiv, will take place on Friday 23 November at the Prabbeli cultural centre in Wiltz at 20:00 and on Saturday 24 November at Rotondes at 20:00. Presale tickets cost €12 or €5 (under 26s), whilst tickets bought on the night cost €14 or €6 (under 26s).

These are available online at www.prabbeli.lu or www.rotondes.lu, via email: tickets@rotondes.lu or via tel. (Rotondes): +352 2662 2030 (Tuesday-Friday, 13:30-18:30). Tickets for the first show can also be purchased in person from the Prabbeli Ticket Shop (8 Gruberbeerig, Wiltz. Monday-Friday, 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00).